Formed in 2008 and hailing from Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada, The Sidewalks produce a blend of alternative rock and ska with an infectious live energy that gets you moving and grooving from top to bottom.


The Sidewalks are a 6-piece rock ensemble featuring a 3-piece horn section, sure to satisfy fans of pop, rock, ska, and jazz alike. Coining the phrase "skalternative rock" using dabs and dashes of No Doubt, the Barenaked Ladies, Chicago, and even Black Sabbath, they take you on a journey with every show.

Throughout the band's nearly 10-year career, they've performed for and shared stages with the likes of Gene Simmons, illScarlett, the Salads, Idlers, FRED, You Say Party!, Crash Karma, and many, many more. During several Canadian tours and East coast mini-tours, they've been graciously hosted by such legendary venues as Toronto's Horseshoe Tavern, Ottawa's Zaphod Beeblebrox's and Avant-Garde, Halifax's Seahorse Tavern, and Charlottetown's Guild and Homburg Theatre. In addition, they've showcased/no-cased during the Music PEI Awards Week and ECMAs.


Since cutting their teeth on the road and realizing many of their milestones, the band has shifted the focus inward for some fresh perspective on their sound and show, and are gleefully preparing a third release (date TBA). 


Colloquially, the band remains divided on the Oxford comma issue, but honor their democratic obligations to one another.



Vocals, Guitar / Christopher Simon
Trumpet, Vocals / Robyn Verhoeven
Trumpet, Vocals / Josh Underhay
Trombone, Vocals / Steve Giddings
Bass, Vocals / Jamie O'Brien
Drums / Josh Pitre